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Since we published this episode, we’ve released Bramble, which combines the best of podcast hosts like Captivate and Transistor, so if you’re looking for an alternative media host, give us a try.

Are you using for your podcast? If so, you may be interested in their latest dynamic content improvements. In this post, we’ll take a look at what dynamic content is, why it’s useful, and how Captivate is making it easier to manage.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content, also known as dynamic ad insertion (DAI), is the process of inserting timely messaging into evergreen content. Think of it like a TV broadcast of a rerun of a TV show. At certain points, TV stations insert ads into the broadcast. Similarly, with dynamic content, you can insert timely messages into your evergreen content.

Why is dynamic content useful?

Dynamic content enables you to put timely messaging into your evergreen content. For example, you can promote a course, workshop, or event during an episode of your podcast. This is a great way to monetise your podcast and make the most of your evergreen content.

How Captivate is making dynamic content easier to manage

Captivate recently rolled out a big update to their dynamic content platform. Their Audio Management and Integration Engine (AMIE) version 2.0 brings with it dynamic slot management, multiple ads per slot, and the ability to insert ads with timestamps. Captivate has also added a tagging feature, which enables you to tag slots and ads with keywords. This makes it easier to manage your dynamic content and ensure that the right ads are inserted at the right time.

Choosing the right podcast host

If you’re looking for a podcast host that offers dynamic content insertion, Captivate is a great choice. Captivate is IAB certified, and their stats are independently verified. They offer a range of features, and their pricing is based on the number of downloads you get. Captivate enables all of their features across all of their tiers, making it a sensible choice for most podcasters.

If you’re on a different podcast host, such as Transistor or Buzzsprout, and you’re interested in dynamic content insertion, you may want to consider switching to Captivate. However, if you’re already on Transistor, you may want to stay put. Transistor is a great podcast host, and they offer their own dynamic content insertion infrastructure. Their plans are priced roughly the same as Captivate, but certain features are locked to higher paying plans.


Dynamic content is a great way to monetise your podcast and make the most of your evergreen content. Captivate offers a range of features and is IAB certified, making it a sensible choice for most podcasters. If you’re interested in dynamic content insertion, consider switching to Captivate or Transistor, depending on your needs and preferences.

For more information about dynamic content and podcast hosting, check out the following resources:

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